Beam of love


Words to the rescue, as
swarming with feelings
is the heart’s shelter,
unquenched as always
is the infinite thirst,
withered with the blows
is the spirit of soul…


Tears roll down,
self-aware as I be
to the extent of undefined,
realization brings the solace,
two sides of the same coin
are pain and happiness,
and riddance equals illusion
as locks can’t be the keys…


Uncertainty surrounds the soul
perplexed, as it witnesses the play,
overwhelmed, as it feels the continuity,
shattered, as it observes the chaos,
knowing the inevitability of everything…


Eternity runs through the soul
as its veins and arteries,
love and kindness,
haven’t lost their way
amidst the confusion,

the singularity guides the way

in the circularity of time…


Unattached as it be
from the short-lived,
as the pulling forces get stronger,
salvation is what it eyes on,
from flesh and blood…


Unshaken as it stands
through the unending storms,
unshattered in the will,
sailing through the troubled waters…


Deep in the ocean of truth,
somewhere in the meadows of purity,
glitters a particle of hope,
shining through it

is a beam of love…


Unnoticed still, just as the tears
is the longing of soul,

disowning the mirage,
embracing what is true…


Feelings so strong,
tearing down the heart
into a million pieces,
but nothing changes
as every piece still feels the same,

blossoming in the fallows

are the heartbeats

watered with love and bliss…