‘What is Love?’

Finding it hard to express in words?

Something divine… delightful… pristine… wonderful… that out-of-the-world feeling…?

Hmmm… sure sounds like it!

In fact, Love is a relatively different feeling for each human being which can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. However, expressing in ‘worldly’ words often does injustice to the actual magnitude & splendor of the feeling being expressed. These expressions can range from number of oxytocins in the body to complex mathematical equations. Nevertheless, the core essence of Love remains the same whichever way it is expressed in.


Pure & unconditional Love is something that every soul craves in this illusionary world but is often deceived in the end because that kind of Love can only be truly experienced with God.

But what if our divine & pristine feelings of Love could be technically quantified in a series of cryptic alphabets & numbers?

What if you could just read it like any other mathematical equation, like E=mcor surprise Einstein with another Eureka moment ?

Love = (Emotions – Logic) / Maturity



Calculate Love!
Calculate Love!


Would it then seem as much ‘divine’ as before?

It would then be comparable to how scientists describe the feeling of Love in medical terms, which brings us to the conclusion that even Love is engineered at the Creator’s level.

In fact, each and every feeling in this world has its own DNA structured by the complex algorithms of higher dimensions. All the things we deem as immeasurable in the limited dimensions of this world are perfectly measurable and quantifiable in the higher dimensions.

For instance, Art is immeasurable in this world in the dimensions known to us while you can technically & statistically compare art works of M.F. Hussain and Michelangelo in higher dimensions and come up with a clear winner based on a category of art.

Similarly, intensity of Love, among other emotions, of a mother towards her child and that of a lover towards her beloved could also be compared and technically measured.

Speaking of Love, the most loving relationships commence with that shiny & glamorous picture of Love depicted in the movies. But in the end, all we end up with is, causing pain to each other. In some cases it’s bearable while in others, it is often the major cause of separation, either mentally or physically.

And that’s how it’s meant to be in this world, pain and pleasure being the two sides of the same coin, as we all know.

While Love is all ‘butterflies-in-the-stomach’ feeling, relationships -are not. They are rather more synonymous with the ‘pain-&-anxiety-in-the-stomach’ feeling. They are definitely hard work. And more hard work. The relationship garden needs to be watered frequently and taken care of. You might have to go through that ‘been there, done that’ feeling several times in your life, without being left with much freedom of choice. You can only make it work or quit. Anything less or in between that is irrelevant or will lose significance in no time at all.



For long-lasting and potentially so-called ‘happy relationships’, one has to know the ‘in’ and ‘out’ of every relationship. You’ll need to put something ‘extra’ into the ordinary to make it work. That ‘extra’ doesn’t come easy and can be earned only by a lucky few. By ‘lucky’, here I refer to those chosen by God, or those whose luck is a result of certain anomalies in the complex algorithms of the Matrix designed by the Creator.


So, it all starts with Self-realization.

The need to know oneself Inside Out.

Rather than trying to know more & more people and dissecting their thoughts or character or judging anyone, we should first & foremost try to enter our own minds to reveal our true identity to ourselves. The more you will come to know about your truer self, lesser you will be interested in the outer illusionary world. You will then slowly learn to bathe in your own sunshine.

After you attain a certain level or when you become more self-aware, the mist slowly clears from your inner wisdom and with that you start seeing things more clearly which helps you to make better decisions in every life situation be it on an emotional or spiritual level, both for yourself and your loved ones.

But paradoxically, you soon recognize that ‘attachment’ itself, be it in any form, is nothing less than an evil, which in turn starts affecting your behavior sooner or later and gradually turns you into an seemingly emotionally-cold person. And then you become less involved in the trivialities of all your worldly relationships, ultimately leading you to withdraw more and more from the outer world until you are left with no desire to continue in the same way as earlier. This can also be deemed as one of the downsides of spiritual upliftment from the point of view of those lesser self-realized.

So, in the end it all comes down to magical balancing of the two.

Relationships vs self realization

The more you slide towards the side of ‘Relationships’, more strongly you’ll be pulled by the forces working on the side of ‘Self-realization’ and will try to drive you towards it, and it is during this play of forces that you’ll experience the beauty of ‘Neutrality’. It doesn’t matter if you keep sliding down on either side of the bar, you can always avail the luxury of neutrality by simply counter-balancing. However, it is not as easy as it seems and being neutral may not the best thing to do in all circumstances of life, yet it is the safest option possible.

The farther you are from the neutral point, more prone you are to the risk of facing bigger resistance from the opposite forces. It’s simply the law of nature into work. The forces of the universe will pull you like anything to get you back where you started, and while they may succeed in their objective but this time you’ll be more experienced & stronger. And the cycle continues.

So what are these forces exactly?

Well, these are essentially the same forces which keep the world from falling apart. They are part of the giant equilibrium mechanism deployed by the Creator to make sure the world clock keeps ticking.

Matter and anti-matter (just like a proton and an electron) are nothing but the forces working in opposite directions thus keeping everything intact in a perfect state of equilibrium.

So, where are all these balancing forces when the world is getting increasingly imbalanced?

One thing is for sure, they are certainly not playing cha-cha with their mates 🙂


Keep looking…