Physical vs. Spiritual Existence

Physical & Spiritual lives in sync

What does that inner voice tell you?

It tells you that you have a strong inner desire to be heard, to tell the world that you exist. At least, physically.



We all exist physically during some period of our lifetime. The ultimate goal in our sub-conscious minds is existence at a higher spiritual level. Paradox is that when we achieve that, physical existence doesn’t count anymore.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Spiritual Growth and Understanding.

As we are gradually progressing into this ‘Spiritual Age’, we are getting closer to understanding the significance of spirituality in our lives. It is the source of light in the most troubled times. We are able to cope up even with the most difficult situations through constant guidance provided by our spiritual being.

If we are spiritually strong, physical existence doesn’t matter anymore. Take for instance a handicapped person, he might not be able to accomplish all the tasks requiring physical endeavor but if he’s spiritually strong, he could at least perform the physical activities possible for him with more vigor and self-satisfaction which would render his shortcomings insignificant compared to the positivity and outcome of his actions.

Problem is that existing spiritually doesn’t negate our physical existence. So, how do you balance between the two?


I can share my thoughts and ideas via Blog or email without publicizing or hard-selling them to others. I think that’s a gift. Well, a paradoxical gift.

Spiritual existence is stronger and holds more value than the physical existence. Moreover, spiritual existence doesn’t necessitate an approval stamp from anybody, you can just simply ‘Be’. BE in all your inner glory, your deep-rooted originality & your everlasting sunshine.

I mean one could have physical pain in his entire body and still be happy. That’s because he has learnt to rise above the pain, higher above his physical plane of existence. The body then acts nothing but as a soul-carrier.


Why do simple and little things in life, like watching children play in a garden, trying to catch butterflies in a meadow or simply watching an elderly couple holding hands together along a riverside make us happy?

It’s simply because we are happy on a spiritual plane of existence and our minds are tuned in to that frequency.

As the quote goes ‘Happiness is a state of mind’.

Is it really?


It’s a fact that we cannot take control of the inevitable events taking place in our lives and what’s happening all around us in the world. But is it actually possible to practice intentional happiness amidst the chaos in the present world?

In a certain way, yes.

First we need to become spiritually strong and for that we need to have a total detachment from the materialistic world around us.

I know that my above statement is a paradox (please read my post on ‘Nature & Zodiac‘ and you’ll know why). If we analyze it deeply, we’ll notice that everything in life is a paradox and often our own thinking is paradoxical. And there’s no way in hell we can be entirely free of paradox. It’s all around us.

It’s ‘Paradox is within us’ rather than ‘We are in the paradox’.

Coming back to the main topic, detachment from the materialistic world is kinda unnatural. For all of us.

It’s simply because we are not manufactured that way. That’s the reason why most Sadhus travel to the holistic and most isolated places like the higher Himalayan range in India to practice asceticism, mortification or to seek a guru.

Live there and you automatically get detached from the materialistic world around you. You can submerge yourself into the divine silence of magnificent surroundings, contemplate the grandeur of snow mountains kissing the sky or simply be happy in the lap of nature away from the superficial man-made world.

Paradoxical challenge for the so-called sadhus or anyone who wants to achieve happiness by practicing spirituality would be to live a normal life* with wife and children and still be detached from the worldly pleasures or be spiritually happy. More precisely put, live in the negativity and still not loose positivity.

Think about it.


*Normal life here actually means ‘abnormal life’ normalized by the society.