Thoughts uncensored


To Be or not to Be.

To be or not to be

Why do we live? What do we live for? What is it that keeps us going?

What are we continuously searching for all our lives?

Happiness? Peace? Salvation? Love?

Why do we feel lost sometimes?


If you’ve seen films like ‘The Matrix’, ‘Inception’, petite attempts to bring out the truth to the world, and if you ever wanted to be able to decode them and have this urge to know the truth, you’re in the right company.

You just realized that you are on your way to Self-realization, what next?

Self-realization is one thing. Love is another.

War of the words, ego clashes, Growth, Evolution, all things aside in the world. True Love has no comparison.

‘Eternal happiness’ or ‘absolute nothingness’.

Irrespective of the dimensions, what would you choose out of the two?

Choices, you know. We have nothing but choices. This or that. Pit or ditch. Choose your destiny; also an illusion because what we’ll choose is ‘almost’ predecided. I say ‘almost’ because we have been emotionally, spiritually, rhetorically, rationally, paradoxically and fully yet partly programmed to choose, however, if we could still choose what we weren’t programmed to choose against all odds, like Neo did in the Matrix, we would still be limited by all the worldly dimensions because we would still be part of the program.

What is then real freedom? It is when we are not limited by the dimensions of time and space and can embark upon a new road without having to pay any road taxes. Kidding. I mean when we are not limited by the illusion of choices.


Human nature, as programmed to be decided by orientation of huge celestial objects i.e. ‘Zodiac’, cannot change however hard one tries; though behavior can always be modified.

Okay, so we have mastered a couple of skills, and kudos to you if you were born gifted, but what next?

We know we cannot acquire all the skills in one lifetime. We cannot read all the books in the world we ever wanted to read. We cannot be all of those we ever wanted to be. We cannot live and experience all the beauty in the world from each and every dimension.

How limited we are in every sense.


Why do we have believers, atheists and even agnostics? Why does there have to be equilibrium in the world? Why does the equation have to be balanced all the time? What was the purpose behind our Creation? Why is everyone born with predecided IQ, EQ & SQ levels?  Why is one lifetime too short to decipher all this?

How would you term all this as ? ‘Spiritual intelligence’?

Can one really understand the Game plan and still manage to love life?

Why am I writing all this? Am I not Being by doing so? Am I rejecting or accepting the program by doing so?

There it is folks, just some random thoughts that keep racing through my mind from time to time.

Can you relate?