Nature & Zodiac

What decides our nature?

Human Nature

Why is a Gemini not compatible with a Scorpion?

How will you feel if you came to know that even your thoughts and feelings are predetermined?

Let’s kill the suspense. You will only feel the way you were meant to.

Wasn’t that guess obvious?

But the fact is hard to digest that our nature is predetermined and we all think & feel in a particular way, in conformity with the Creator’s program.

It’s all written’, remember?

I am talking about Zodiac. Nothing but the Creator’s program to basically categorize humans (Jiva) under four broad elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, with each element representing 3 different astrological signs in the following order – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Compatibility and attraction are two different sides of a coin, i.e. naturally compatible signs like Libra and Gemini might be attracted more toward completely opposite signs like the sexy and magnetic Scorpio.

Factors such as planetary positions, exact time and date of birth, ascendants and descendants further determine the effect on the principal characteristics of a particular sun sign.

Broadly speaking, it’s like a complete web of people’s predetermined lives including their thoughts & feelings having a partly-predetermined impact on other people’s lives, the world and the whole program in general, all been interwoven together by the Creator’s program code.

A lot of people won’t give a rodent’s arse to ponder over this subject and I guess they are supposed to do so. Why in the world would somebody want to try to reject the Creator’s program when it’s simply not in the Source Code?

It’s just beyond their scope of work and capacity.

Of course, it’s nobody’s fault (which is the gist of most of the discussions we could have in this context).

You could agree that things which are not under direct human control like our birthplace and physical characteristics are predetermined.

In this case, possessing positive traits like ‘Hard-working’ may not necessarily be directly proportional to desired results.

Let’s consider a hypothetical case of an average student (A) and a genius (G). Both A and G are preparing for their competitive engineering entrance examination. A studies from 9 to 5 daily (with regular breaks of course) while G sets apart only 4 hours for studying every day. After one year of hard work, G tops the examination while A fails to even qualify the screening.

What are the possible reasons for his failure that you could think of?

1) different brain capacities of A and G

2) different studying environment and its impact on state of mind

3) different thinking processes

4) different resources – books, teachers, mentors

5) well, basically just everything different

It wasn’t long before the moral lessons of life were bestowed upon A by his close ones – ‘Keep trying’, ‘Do your best and forget the outcome’, ‘Stay positive in life’. No matter how much A tried to convince his mind to stay positive and keep trying, he still couldn’t escape the brutal reality of life – that it was meant to be. It was all written. G was meant to be a genius and A was meant to be average. How partial is that!


The struggles & hardships we face in life are predetermined.

Paradox : It is said that ‘It is not what events occur in your life but rather how you respond in those particular situations, that is, your attitude toward life determines your happiness’. And you know that you can change your attitude by simply changing your thoughts. Great, but how do you ‘simply’ change your thoughts when they are already predetermined?

Case 1 : If you think you’ve managed to change your thoughts, how do you know that the thought about being able to change your thoughts wasn’t predetermined?

Paradox within a paradox?

Case 2 : If you still succeed in changing them (whether true or illusionary), how do you know that the change wasn’t predetermined?

Actually, it was. No wonder, that’s also a part of the Creator’s program.

Premise : Humans who, in some way, succeeded in deciphering the Matrix had to be rewarded. Let’s put it in this way, they had to be placed in a bigger Matrix (matrix within a matrix) so that they never completely succeed in being able to reject the Matrix.

How we are going to react to a particular situation is also predetermined.

That is mainly due to the fact that our nature is predetermined.

If you think you’re unpredictable (may be as much as an Aquarian) and that your actions and reactions in a particular situation cannot be predetermined, then kindly do me a favor of plugging yourself in to the higher intelligence module to see that the Unpredictability is also predetermined. We may be unpredictable in the human plane of existence, but certainly not at the Creator’s level.

Below is an example (Source : of how people born under different sun signs would respond while discussing the subject of calling cards – should people use them today, is it old-fashioned, and what should they look like?

The discussion would run something like this :

Aries: Don’t need them. I use the telephone.

Taurus: It’s rare that I go calling. People visit me.

Gemini: Calling cards! Who has time for calling cards?

Leo: Well, if they were really wild, and impressive look­ing..

Virgo: I’ll have to check Emily Post and see exactly what she says.

Sagittarius: My gawd! You mean people still take time for that junk?

Scorpio: If they’re not home, they miss me. It’s their loss, not mine.

Aquarius: I wonder if it’s raining outside? I thought I heard thunder.

Cancer: Cards are so impersonal. I’d rather write a note.

Pisces: I always sense when people aren’t there, and I only I call on them when I get a subliminal message they want to see me.

Capricorn: The custom is perfectly proper. But there’s no I point in discussing the design. If it’s not engraved, it’s not a calling card.

Libra; Well, it all depends. If you want to do the correct thing, you should have them. It’s a charming gesture. On the other hand, using them might seem pre­tentious today, and the modern woman is too busy to bother with them. Of course, you have to con­sider the reason behind the custom. Then again, there are people who can’t afford calling cards. If it’s a strain on the budget, they aren’t really neces­sary. Looking at the other side of it, however, I can’t help feeling the beauty and grace of yesterday is missing in today’s frantic pace, so it might be money well spent. I suppose they should be en­graved. Yet, it’s true that something different would reflect the individual personality. A creative person could design his own. But such individual cards might be misunderstood by very social people, you know? I mean, the Rockefellers would think it was gauche. On reflection, who calls on the Rocke­fellers? Your own friends would love your being original, but plain engraving is probably more ac­ceptable. At least I think it should be. But still-well ..


It follows clearly from above that the thinking process is predetermined by our zodiac.

Okay, so your nature is such that you get angry or upset every now and then over the little irritating things or some uncontrollable events that keep occurring in your life. You seek advice from a spiritual guru on how you can be happy all the time. He gives you some great tips on how you can be really happy even in the most troubled times – ‘smile all the time, practice intentional happiness, seek freedom from your ego, know that God wants you to be happy’ and so on. Basically, he asks you to try changing your nature*.


It’s just like asking a water-pot made from sand to turn itself into a pitcher of gold.

Secondly, if God really wanted all of us to be happy, what was the purpose behind the creation of things that would strangle our happiness in the first place?

Another paradox.

But the question to be asked here is ‘Can intentional or temporary happiness guide your way through to real happiness?’


True happiness is independent of worldly causes and our ‘karma’ in life. For instance, I can lose a game and still be happy.

Normally, most of us have been injected with the belief that we’ll be happy if we win a game. The reverse is also true in some cases, that is, if you are happy, you have more chances of winning because the ‘Game God’ works in your favor. Well, apparently!

But that’s again circular reasoning which in itself is a paradox.


How about being neutral?

Yes, that’s a safe option but that’s also boring, at least according to the general view that persists among people.


*Nature is not to be confused with behavior which can be modified at will.


Let me know what you think …