Trekking in Majestic Himalayas

In 2007, I was lucky enough to get the chance to trek in the majestic Himalayan range after days of rigorous training and hard work. Trust me, it was an awesome adventure! Truly once in a lifetime experience. I am sharing some photographs of one of my most memorable and exquisite excursions.

Starting point of our trek
Fresh stream flowing from glaciers
The expedition begins
Social networking in progress – they’re all on FB
River and mountains
Good morning! Our first camp
Clouds kissing the peak
Roads, river, mountains
Fresh water flowing down from the snow covered peak
Sky, mountains, river
Shades of life – sun and shadow
Chandrataal – mid-point of our trek
Life’s a beach
Sparkling waters
Wish I had a home here
In the lap of nature
Our one-bedroom studio
Reflecting thought
Yes, those are sheep all over
Sheep, shepherd, dog @ 15000 feet
Been trekking too much?
Finding the road
Here’s the proof
View while descending