Self Realization



Real Experiences and Realizations of a Soul



Ever wonder what could be the Biggest & Truest Self-Realization?

Self-Awareness’ or ‘Soul-Consciousness’, as you may term it, is all about being aware of the true identity and nature of the Soul.

But what really is the Soul made of?

Let’s have a look at some of the Facts.

I am sure you must have heard it innumerable times from some or the other Spiritual Leader / Institution / Forum –

We have the power to change ourselves” or “The True Nature of Soul is Peaceful”, the so-called “Feel-Good” sayings that really seem to bring out the essential “Feel-Goodness” in us for a moment or so.

No doubt, the Spirit & Positivity is great but the Reality (not what ‘we perceive’ but what ‘is there’) far outdoes the temporary positivity here.

In practical terms, it’s like saying to a Monkey to Think & Act like an Elephant, to a Pig to Think & Act like a Horse, and to a Crow to Think & Act like a Peacock.

I bet most of you must have seen an Ant trying hard to achieve something greater than what its strength allows, either trying to carry a sugar crystal greater than its size to its bunker to stock food for winters, or trying to get out of a washbasin sink hole as the gush of water rushes down trying to force it into that hole, but somehow it still manages to bear the enormous pressure and keep itself stable.

In the same way, now you can relate to the Soul trying to get rid of vices.

How much of wisdom is it exactly if salty water of the sea was asked to ‘be sweet’ like that of a river.

There’s no Bigger Illusion or Paradox.

Water cannot be Sand and Sand cannot be Water.

So, where do you draw the line between Practicality & Spirituality?

And it’s the journey of some spiritually-awakened souls to be Godlike, which they can never be. Paradox.

So, the whole Game-Plan of Creator seems to function like:

  • He’s getting bored alone in His Abode, so he simply creates this Game-Play of Pain & Suffering;
  • Then He creates Souls with the specifications of each & every Soul being different; so, they act & think as per their own installed software in the Game;
  • The variety of Souls in the Game creates both Love & Friction, which the Creator is very much amused by;
  • Mortal Souls are put through rigorous & never-ending Life-Plays spread across several births in different forms;
  • He sends message via various religious texts in the world that the winners (Good Souls) & losers (Bad Souls) will be awarded ‘Heaven’ & ‘Hell’ respectively, although the understanding of Good & Bad is paradoxical but here ‘Bad’ essentially means ‘going against the nature/creation as it was created in its original form ’ or ‘hurting fellow human beings in some or the other way

And so, God chooses some of these so-called ‘Good Souls’ for awarding them place in his Abode.

I am afraid the Eligibility criteria are ‘Unknown’ if karmas are defined on the basis of Good & Bad, which in that case, is also pre-decided.

Next question in your mind should be, how are the karmas pre-decided?

Well, here it goes.

That’s because the detailed technical specifications & nature of each & every Soul were also decided by the Creator at the time of Creation, and so it goes without saying, that the karmas will also reflect the true nature of an individual Soul which will think & act as per the installed software.

-> Expecting a bad-natured person to think & act like a good-natured one is like expecting your landline phone to function like an Android device;

-> Ground-reality : Two people put through the same circumstances will think & act differently. And their actions will be based upon their level of knowledge, understanding and observations they have acquired in their previous births. That’s one assumption. I am afraid the another assumption totally nullifies the latter, which presumes every situation as pre-decided.

  • Various Paradoxical theories regarding the Creator & Creation float in the religious communities, some souls using it for their own personal benefits, and a very few genuinely trying to really spread the message of God (whatsoever it may be according to their current beliefs and understanding) among fellow human beings; with so many religious theories and spiritual texts full of paradoxical knowledge, Souls are ultimately confused about what to follow and some seek God in material forms; massive religious & spiritual debates follow & the points of view are meant to differ.

Consider the following paradoxical theories both made on spiritual grounds and have sufficient written proofs in various religious scriptures:

Example 1:

Assumption a) We are the creators of our own destiny (used by Souls who choose to be positive, however temporary that phase of positivity might be until the soul undergoes suffering & ultimately changing his opinion)

Assumption b) ‘Everything is pre-decided by God including our karmas’ / ‘Not even a leaf can move without God’s permission’ (mostly used by Souls who have recently faced some sort of suffering or pain)

-> Both the assumptions could be used by either type of Souls depending upon the circumstances.

-> No matter what you choose to believe in, the ultimate Truth will be that ‘It was meant to be this way’.


Example 2:

Change is the only constant (so the beliefs and theories also at one point of time are never constant & keep changing throughout this circle of life & death)


Example 3:

Theory of Action & Reaction (To each and every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction)

Science says so (which was also created by God).

But the message of same God, conveyed through any medium, will tell you not to React in adverse & undesirable situations in life, and to keep your calm, which means that reaction will be there but you have to suppress it. Of course, you can reach that level after years & years of spiritual practice.


Example 3:

Self trying to be Self-Less.

Ego trying to be Ego-Less.


We are ‘Self’ trying to be Self-Less & trying to live for others (apparently as God wants us to be).

We are made up of the biggest vice, ‘Ego’, trying to be Ego-Less (apparently as God wants us to be).

We are full of other Vices and still trying to Vice-Less (apparently as God wants us to be).


No wonder why some Souls who genuinely try to get rid of all those Vices are never actually able to achieve it no matter how much hard they try or how many countless births they take.

But the positive thing is that efforts definitely get rewarded (by ‘when’ and ‘how much’ is unknown).


Question time.

‘What was the purpose of creating all those vices & bad things that had to be worked hard upon years after years & dumped in the first place?’

‘What was the purpose of installing all that unnecessary bad software?’


  • Thus, due to the paradoxical nature of this Creation, some Souls who are even desirous of living the right way without hurting anyone or doing bad things, are forced to so under undesirable circumstances & then made to suffer. They have nothing but some ‘pre-decided’ options to choose from.

-> Going to Heaven or Hell is also pre-decided


  • Some Souls believe in accounting their pain & suffering to their own karmas in previous births, may be because they were taught to do so by their religious or spiritual institutions (and by doing so, they choose to ignore the transparency in the account keeping of good & bad karmas of a Soul by the Account Manager of Creator, whom they again choose to trust blindly like they trust their Governments)

Sure, you can file an RTI for that 😉


So, does the Purpose behind this Paradoxical Game-Plan make sense to you?

Nobody is ever completely right because the perception of right and wrong changes as the situations in life change.

So, basically it’s the circumstances in life that shape our beliefs.

And those are again programmed or pre-decided 🙂



So, what does your wisdom tell you in any difficult situation you face in life?


To take one of the two options available?

Or to surrender & be neutral?

4 thoughts on “Self Realization

  1. The fear of God is the beginning of religion, but the love of God is the end of religion. This was stated by Swami Vivekananda. But how and why has this fear appeared when most of the religions preach that God (or creator) has divided himself into several souls just to love. Basically, religion is just a set of rules that a man ought to follow, and in case he opposes any of them, then he ought to get punished by the creator. This clearly shows how the Creator wasn’t actually wanting to love, but wanted to rule. He seems to be an autocrat. Love on the other hand is selfless, it gives all possible happiness to the lover. But when you bind somebody, it’s not love. This is true even for the creator. Because the nature of love cannot be changed in any dimension. What most people experience should be just a kind of self-hypnotism. This is what is also experienced by the creator. He thinks that he is loving this way, but it’s not Love. I may be wrong but that is how I feel as of now.

    The game plan as we have discussed earlier is definitely unknown to us. However, the purpose is ‘That it has no other purpose than simply autocratic ruling’. Or let’s say, there was a creator, who died and since then the world has just been going on in continuation. And the creator who had created him is not interested in the creation that had happened. May be that’s why people have come up with books like ‘GOD is dead’ and stuff. Around 4 years ago, I had also read an article of Osho. He had a similar idea. He had written that he finds No God, if there was really a God then such a creation wouldn’t have happened. I was not able to understand this at that time. But with changing times, things have been clear.

    As a person is born, he is born with some attributes. Self ego is also one of them. It is present in everyone who is born here. If you notice, the creator has asked in most of the books to overcome it as you have mentioned it already that how could the program itself change its programming. It’s not possible. So, first the creator does the programming and then he asks the souls to go against it and find a way to reach the place beyond creation. And the only one who could do that is only with Creator’s help. So, again the credit is taken by the creator. Doesn’t it show the egoist nature of the creator.

    Let’s take a case from Nijswaroop (with no offense) ‘Ram Ratan ji’ at several places questions the jiva that tell me who you are and said teri aanken hai aisi etc. However, what hurts me is that he knows that there is a game going on and people cannot come out of this place until they are helped and still he is boasting about the powers with him. What he could have done is simply wind up the game and free everyone. There are certain instances when he says the reason of giving you pain is simply to protect you and take you out of this Bhavsagar. However, I just had another point what is the purpose of giving pain, the real creator can simply take out of this world if he really wants to.

    And as for efforts made by the jivas – Let’s take the case of Buddha or Mahavira. If the jiva could make even 1% effort on their part, these guys have reached to a level, some reached even beyond that and thought it is the highest adobe. However, suddenly there is another guy coming from a place beyond that and saying what you have achieved is less. That’s just a local maxima. You need to come with me for maxima. What can the jivas do. Nothing.

    Further, regarding the end of the world, Jesus mentioned that centuries ago. It has not yet happened. Since then, a lot of higher powers have visited the earth but not even a single one got the idea of what kind of pain the jivas are undergoing. Everyone had higher ideas and that’s all. But none had the feeling or may be none had that power to end this creation. This could also mean that they are all just a part of the creation. Else, I am sure that such a world would have definitely come to an end.

    I think I have vomited quite a lot. May be being neutral for quite some time is good to make a bigger leap.

    1. Creator’s Game Plan wasn’t in any way intended to promote love in the first place. It was rather a well-planned, pre-decided play of pain, suffering, illusion, deception & autocratic ruling which was well hidden from the Creator’s Creator until now.

      Principles & theories on unconditional love in the world are just part of the bigger illusion/paradox to fool humans & falsify their beliefs, theories & real experiences in life & teach them the impossible, something which can never be achieved, so that they keep going after the so-called positive beliefs & temporary ‘feel-good’ sayings all their lives & are never actually able to see behind the veil, the Real Truth, that everything is made this way with a Purpose, and the purpose is easily fooled around by Creator for his own benefit in some or the other way, which they choose to blindly trust in like they were meant to.

      Positive saying / Fool-around theory :

      Offense is no holds barred here as my take is always neutral. As for the pain, He played both hero & villain. Diplomacy might have been one of his key strategies.

      On the last note, I think it will take the combined lifetime pain of all souls which should be felt by the Creator in the same way as humans do with all the senses they are made of, to blow this Game apart.

  2. Exactly i wanted to use the same word “Diplomatic”. If love wasn’t intended to be promoted, this means either it is either a by-product or may be the Creator’s creator interference as you mentioned. But what I understand that since the creator was also created, this means that he was created for the purpose of a painful creation. That only means the Highest level creator is diplomatic. It’s difficult to comment,rather its just a view-point.
    I just hope the entire life-time pain of all souls is felt by the creator.

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