Living P+1


Been there done that.








But nothing counts when it comes to the matters of heart.

So, what’s beyond this Paradox?

There isn’t but one.


Love despite all the sadness in the world.

Love despite all the paradoxes in the world.

Love despite all the bad conditions in the world.

Love despite all the limits & restrictions in the world.

And it is love indeed which can uplift us to a whole new level. Yes, I used the word ‘level’ again (although levels should be excluded when it comes to heart talk).

All said and done, at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel about this Creation.

Since your arrival into this world, you were taught to love it by everyone, your close ones, educators, institutions and numerous other people either part of your lives or completely strangers, and it was more or less complied with.

Why you should love it, it was never explained.

Indeed, there are many valid reasons to love it as much as there are bad ones to hate it.

Paradox, remember?

What you choose is ultimately up to you & yourself only. That’s because paradox is neutral. Neither love nor hate.

It’s for the simple reason that it’s not just a game for the Creator (which he plays with the feelings of humans), it’s more like a business.

What matters for Him is how many chickens were cut at the end of the day. Relate it with the sorrows, miseries and mishaps with the humans.

What matters is the numbers regardless of any emotions or feelings. After all, who said business is done with emotions.

(‘Ganda hai par dhandha hai ye’ meaning ‘It’s evil but it’s business’)

And the business involves humans’ feelings, intellect, wisdom, so on and so forth.

More is the controversy, fighting & drama in a reality show, more successful you are as a TV channel producer.

More is all this stuff in the real world, more successful you are as a Creator.

In short, keeping the players busy without letting them know the Truth about you or avoiding them from getting to hate you guarantees your position as a successful Creator.

Living P+1 is to love and live despite being in multiple paradoxes.

It’s like being neutral and still possessing that extra zest towards love and life.

So, how do you manage to live Paradox+1 ?


Yes, you heard it right.

As it’s not a straightforward task sans trouble, it’s all about the right management. You could argue that it is rather inborn. Or that it’s all about submission to God and He shall take care of the rest.

The latter is subject to who you call God or who you rely on considering the number of Gods (at least here in India) and you might have to modify your wish depending upon the type.

Whatever and however it is, one thing we can be sure of is -> Not everyone is made for the P+1 phenomenon.

And there’s really no substitute for living P+1.

Else, there’s only one thing to do.

Fly away.