Faceless Heart


Among the crowds,
walks a lonely heart,
in search of light,
along the dark woods,
waiting for dawn

Wanders day and night,
with hope to find,
a faceless heart,
as pure and selfless,
 as a dwarf in the Milky way




Ocean full of joy,
can’t quench its own thirst,
love as vast as the Universe,
has no believers

Self-love is limitless love,
transcending all known boundaries,
so the meadows of silence,
don’t hurt you anymore



Rains beguiling your soul,
Snow missing you,
Rivers singing in your glory,
Mountains calling you

Come home.

Come home.

5 thoughts on “Faceless Heart

  1. Superb ! I wonder how many can catch the actual meaning of this. Good piece of writing with great depth. Ya, I hope too that home is near now….

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