Paradox. Paradox.

Paradox – by Flew designs

The world is a paradox.

What Wikipedia tells us is that a paradox is a statement or group of statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason, similar to circular reasoning. Typically, however, quoted paradoxical statements do not imply a real contradiction and the puzzling results can be rectified by demonstrating that one or more of the premises themselves are not really true, a play on words, faulty and/or cannot all be true together.

Ever wondered why contradictions exist in the world?

Most of the famous proverbs and sayings in the world contradict each other.

Why’s that?

That’s essentially to keep puppets like us busy, who spend most of our lives in useless reasoning and trying to win the debate, when we know both the cases hold true in one way or the other.

But it’s nobody’s fault because we are programmed in such way.

One side can never win over the other because it will imbalance the whole equation leading to the destruction of the Creator’s program.

It is believed in several religions across the world that ‘It is written’ (maktub in Arabic) meaning whatever is happening has already been written and fate of the people decided.

While it’s also said that ‘You are the master of your own life’ implying you can change the lines of your palm by your dedication and hard work.

Which one do you believe in?

I read in an article in TOI that there are no lessons to be learnt in life, go to that side of life and discover, no lessons at all, just NOTHING, the ABSENCE of everything.
Sometime later, I read another article in TOI that Life is a continuous teacher and there’s something to be learnt every day.

See the irony here?

We have all been created differently with different physical features, different minds, different capacities basically just everything different.

Then, wouldn’t it be wrong to compare with each other?

It’s the biggest paradox of all.

While knowing this, our elders always used to tell us ‘Be like John – Look at him, he’s a top scorer in academics, he’s good in sports and everyone loves him.’

Bullshit. This.

How would the world be if everyone was Albert Einstein?

We need the artists, teachers, lawyers, writers, thinkers and so many other people who don’t necessarily have any particular profession.

The point is, why so much partiality?

Those who argue that everyone has been given equal opportunity are terribly mistaken.

One argument could be that it’s our Karma in the present life that decides our fate in next life and accordingly our programming is done.

But let’s go back to the starting when everything was created for the first time. The concept of Karma doesn’t apply then.

How would the partiality be explained then?

The answer is ‘No answer’.

Yes, it’s a paradoxical world and there’s nothing we could do about it.

Truth is always bitter and the truth is we all have positives and negatives and there’s nothing we can do about the negatives.

But the truth we know is also a paradox because the Mother of all truths is still unknown.

Rewards ≠ Efforts

Paradox. (Life isn’t fair syndrome)

Bad things happening to good people.


Life and Death.

Paradox. (This life is an infinitesimal part of a process, not of birth to death, but of ascendance from a material concept of reality to one that it totally spiritual)

Love and Marriage.


Girls talking philosophy.

Paradox. 🙂

Check out some brain-twisting paradoxes here & see if it makes sense to you.

See the paradoxical commandments here.

On a last thought, being trapped in the dimensions of time and space, would it be ever possible to think dimension-less?

If this writing incites thoughts in you, feel free to comment.

7 thoughts on “Paradox. Paradox.

  1. It’s indeed the programming that matters. However, this programming makes us believe that what we have done is right or wrong. But truly, nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Everything is illusion. We have no escape route, although we know that we are in a world of illusions. As you mentioned, everything is paradox. I could give one such contradiction “Birds of the same feather flock together” However, the other one says ” Opposites Attract”. The Programming is in the core. Difficult to understand. Difficult to handle and Impossible for us to change it ourselves. Religions say that it’s all fate. And many of us believe, that it is how we want it – the dedication, the efforts matter. But NO! its the programming. And you are correct – IT IS TO BALANCE THE EQUATION. I doubt how much this Creator understands the equation himself, or in what ways he tries to balance it is correct !

    Your concept of Karma is authentic, I too had this question, how about at the beginning of the world ??? If you have read the Bible, it says God created Adam and Eve, and then left them in a garden wherein they could flourish, live, rejoice. But then he created a snake and a tree bearing fruits to destroy their happiness. Contradictory ! Not only this, further among so many trees, he even pointed out to them that this particular tree’s fruits are not to be eaten. How clever this God was. May be Adam and Eve would discover this as the last tree, but when God made this statement, he knew the human mind would be curious to know – WHAT’S IN THAT… especially the female mind. So, what can you say about such a Creator. I doubt !!! All the religions say, God loves you all. Isn’t this a paradox. Is this love of God to his people !!! Or is the fear that bring people to him !!! I fail to understand this yet. See the irony, Jesus says to people that – these are 10 commandments sent by God to you. You should abide by them. If you follow them you would be sent to heaven else there’s another place called as Hell wherein you would be punished, burnt etc. etc. forever. But then he also says “God loves You all a lot”. I can’t just stop laughing at this. I feel my parents are much better, they would forgive me there itself even if I made the biggest mistake in life.


    I have a lot more to share on this 🙂 will do it soon !!

    1. Thanks for commenting!
      I am glad that I am not alone in seeing everything from a different angle.
      What you have written is very true. This world wouldn’t have existed if Adam and Eve didn’t do the forbidden thing.

      It leaves me wondering, is this paradox part of our lives or we are all part of a bigger paradox? Or maybe the Creator himself is a paradox?

  2. The programming is indeed strong, really strong ! Yesterday I was watching Mahadev on Life ok. I first wonder why the channel is called Life OK 😉 when no one is actually satisfied in life. Anyways, coming back to the serial. According to Hindu Mythology, the so-called creators Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh decide the fate of earthly creatures. However, it’s a fact that neither of the three could save “Sati” who burnt herself to death. ‘Vishnu’ said that he feels ashamed whenever something is ought to happen and he cannot change it. Even ‘Mahesh’ said that this was written and it had to happen. So, you see the gods themselves are a paradox. However, who has programmed you and me ?? We know the hacker. But I am eager to know about the programmer. And I wish I could change the entire programming of mine.

    And people say that “we can change our own course of life”. This is also programmed. Choice is there.. but we have already discussed that choice is an illusion. Yes, we choose only that what is programmed for us. From the movie THE MATRIX, when Neo meets the Creator, and he is given the choice to enter the main computer or try and save Trinity, the Creator says that he knows what Neo would choose. This clearly shows that choosing is just an illusion. As puppets we are programmed to believe that we took the right decision or the wrong one.

    So, you see the entire game itself is a paradox including the Creator and us. I am glad we realized this because this gives an opportunity to look beyond the paradox. However, the sad point is that we actually cannot do anything about it! Another Paradox!

    1. You are right, the channel should have been named ‘Life not OK’! (of course, nobody would be interested in watching that)
      It’s indeed true, the local gods are just an infinitesimal part of a big paradox, including maybe the Creator himself, who knows?

      All said and done, we could only know what we need to know right now in real time because we are bound by the dimensions of time.
      And I hope we’ll know what we want to know when the time comes, regardless of our limited capacity of understanding what’s beyond this creation.

  3. Ya, we need to wait for the right time. However, I doubt whether we can understand it here itself. For that, we need to enter “Beyond The Creation”. Beyond time and Creator. It’s time that the One now really understands that “We have had it enough out here”. Enough of patience we have put in, although this itself is programmed but enough is enough. And things should be rich in experience than being verbose. For people who aren’t interested, it hardly matters to them. But then for us, it does. Given an option, that even if I get the best things and those things I want to live earthly life with, it’s still not justified to stay here for even a short period. I would know every moment that everything here is just an illusion. And that we are trapped. Just imagine how long it has been since the beginning. Ohh !!! Damn !! 😦 😦

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