The Matrix in real life


It is the question that drives us – Trinity

It is the purpose that drives us – Smith

Basically, it’s the programming that drives us – Me

It is indeed the programming that drives us. And it is so strong that there seems to be no escape route from the circle of life and death. You’re just in the game. Rules have been told. No exit. Start playing.

Were the Wachowskis brothers programmed to make this triology?

One of my all-time favorite movies, the trilogy by the Wachowskis not only has captivated me but has also helped in explaining some of the most complex concepts and has further given life to my thoughts.

There are variety of interpretations available on the internet from different perspectives, ranging from spirituality to technical computer stuff, but in one way or the other most of them tend to explain the same ideology in different words. We will look at some of the important aspects of this movie.

The storyline, although ironic yet self-explanatory contains a lot of symbolism throughout and raises some of the most intriguing questions.

I look at the skies and they are so blue & vast & inspirational & then suddenly I have a feeling of being trapped inside this vast universe & I think what a perfectly crafted design driven by purpose & logic to manipulate humans by hiding the truth from them. But there’s more to this world than just purpose & logic.

That is, Love.

Something that the Creator himself can’t feel or experience since only the human mind is capable of inventing it. That said, it is truly difficult to even imagine the basic purpose behind this whole Creation.

That’s why the purposeless people get deleted from the program. People who reject the Matrix are watched over, so that they don’t lead to the destruction of the complete program.

Some of the life’s puzzling questions are answered by this concept.

Why do good people suffer? Or die early?

-> To balance the equation

Why does luck favor bad or incompetent people?

-> To balance the equation

Good luck flower
Good luck flower

Luck, is basically nothing but machine programming.

It is essentially in liquid compound form with lower molecular density so it can easily shift from one side to another depending upon the odds.

What are the odds of a person winning the same lottery five times in a row?

Or Yuvraj Singh hitting 6 sixes on 6 balls in one over?

Or Kumble taking 10 wickets in a cricket match?

These are nothing but instances of Creator’s program trying to balance the equation.

It’s like the advanced level of Permutation & Combination spanning all the odds of a given situation.

The Billion-dollar question, Who created the Creator?

Another Creator? (assuming there are different levels of Creation, if we go by Indian mythology)

Or is He just a simple program or part of another bigger Matrix?

If the Creator was created, then who created the Creator’s Creator ?

What’s the purpose behind this whole Creation?


The Good and the Bad.

Cause and Effect.

The Beginning and the End.

The Creator, as shown in the movie & what we understand from the Matrix, is always trying to balance the Equation.

On a second thought, why does He even have to try?

Couldn’t He just command and that thing should happen? Or why even command?

Just think about it happening….

Or why even think (if He’s the all-knowing)?

Or why even begin to think about thinking?

Thinking is and should be native to humans.

In the end, He makes a sarcastic remark to the Oracle : What do you think I am? Human?

What does it suggest?

That in no way His powers are limited, He is the Creator.

Coming back to the equation, where does the world seem to be going with so much imbalance in the nature?

Bad is winning over the Good and is more in proportion both spiritually and scientifically.

What will this imbalance lead to?

Destruction of the program or Starting of another Age (Satyuga, perhaps)?

Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the Matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I’ve been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision.”

Efforts, did He say? Doesn’t He sound human when He says this?

I doubt the real Creator has to actually put in any Efforts, that is something which is native only to humans and not the Creator.

Further, I think either the powers of the Creator are deeply undermined in the movie, or he’s not the real Creator.

It’s far from my understanding, how and in what way the Creator who programmed this Universe doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Which is why he created the Oracle, an intuitive program to understand human psyche so that the Creator is able to balance the equation by deleting the anomalies.

Although the Oracle is an intuitive program, but still it is a creation of the Creator including humans.

Why does it take 5 matrices for the intuitive program to really understand human psyche and the feeling of love?

The truth that ‘Everything that has a beginning has an end’ applies to Neo, Smith, Trinity and all others.

How does it apply to the Oracle and possibly the Creator?

There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept

This clearly indicates that :

1)   He has no emotional connection with the Creation. It is only meant for amusement purpose.

Whose? We don’t know.

2)   Creator too has levels of acceptance, meaning He is bound by someone or something.


Only human mind is capable of inventing something as insipid as Love

If the human mind is capable of feeling the emotion of love, then why can’t the Creator who created it can’t feel the same thing?

Neo in the film, who from a spiritual point of view represents the inner power of us humans, experiences this feeling.

The question that arises is that Why The Ones before Neo (Neo’s predecessors) could’t feel the same emotion as Neo? What was different this time?

What gave birth to it while The Earlier Ones were programmed the same way as Neo?


Another mystifying thing in the movie is the intuitive program, the Oracle. Her gamble with the Creator is most intriguing. No doubt she’s an intuitive program but who taught her the feeling of love? It is understood that programs cannot love or hate or do something illogical but in the movie we see Rama Kandra, who is also a program, taking her daughter to the Oracle to save her because he loves her. Love, a way of saying, as he explains to Neo, is a profound connection with someone. When did programs started having profound connection with each other?

Sure, that’s progress.

The Oracle is a player. She plays everyone from Neo to the Creator. As we see the Creator telling her at the end of Revolutions ”you played a dangerous game.. ”

Could Zion have been saved if she didn’t play this gamble?

How and in what way, an intuitive program, designed by the Creator and after the end of 5 Creations & after learning about human psyche, choose to go against His will by helping Neo? What makes it show sympathy for humans?

Is it simply their suffering? Their prayers? Or something else? Something greater?

Vis-à-vis their ability to love..

More we delve into this, the questionnaire just seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Was I programmed to write this? Who knows?

More to come soon.. Watch this space!


5 thoughts on “The Matrix in real life

  1. Indeed a superb attempt to explain and explore what actually is the truth ! And I m very sure the answers would emerge out. Right now, we have got into further discussion on ” who actually is the creator in the matrix”. Is he the real one…??? U have put in very logical and valid points in this respect. And it makes me believe, that the matrix creator was himself in a bigger matrix and he was actually unaware of the fact. That is why he sounds so egoist. Another question is how can’t this creator not feel the charm of LOVE ! He states only the human mind can….I have a question here..How can he create something that he doesn’t understand well..although he is supposed to be omniscient. Further, he says that he cannot change the programming of Neo even after his sincerest efforts. Also, Neo’s predecessor’s didn’t have this feeling…this clearly shows that Neo’s programming has been done by someone else who probably could understand that. Also your points of acceptance and amusement, very well portrays that he actually is not the real one…and he is just doing as he himself is programmed to do. Everything has a purpose..I believe.

    This Question : If the Creator was created, then who created the Creator’s Creator ? Let me make an attempt to answer this. Some-one must have been there somewhere..lets say that is the real world where no one is born or dies. But this person is so exceptional that he can do anything. So, for a person living with him, who was always there, who has never heard of birth or death…..these stuffs would sound obnoxious. And for a person who has been created, he would always believe in that everything must have been created…coz that he how he is programmed to think.

    However, in-spite of all this..i don’t understand the basic reason for creating such a weird world.

    I would put in more points in my next post.

    1. Shyam,

      Thanks for writing in.
      Were you programmed to comment? I wonder…

      The Creation is indeed a puzzle.
      Only the one who isn’t created is The One / Who Is / Nothing as expressed in synonyms.
      Language is just not enough to explain it.

      I agree with you on that point ‘who is created is also programmed’.


    1. Thanks for writing Nanna.
      I would choose (although choice is an illusion and we reside in an illusionary world with no other alternative but to choose) whatever takes me one step closer to Reality. In this case, Red.
      By reality I mean the actuality from the Creator’s level – as is visible from his comfy abode, and not the reality what our senses are trained to perceive.

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