Happy Deadly Diwali to you Delhi!


Sipping tea with some pista biscuits on a post Diwali morning obscured with haze and smoke, are some of the ‘proud and fun-loving killers’ of Delhi listening to the morning news about the increased pollution levels that far surpass the WHO benchmark and the advisory to stay indoors as much as possible as the air outside is dangerously poisonous.

As always, Diwali celebrations in Delhi are as if the Third World War has taken place and we are forced to stay inside our cozy bunkers because the air outside is simply unbreathable.

All thanks to the “great” people of Delhi – who are either unaware of the level of pollution in Delhi or simply ‘stupid’ enough to consider burning crackers some sort of fun activity.

What kind of fun is it really to breathe the polluted and poisonous air?


Agreed, for some uneducated and careless people, you really can’t do anything about it until there’s a total ban on crackers by our mahaan government. But at least those who are educated enough and send their children to schools, what future are they really creating for them? They say that children are the future of this country. Then why are they slowly killing the future like this? Better to kill it all at once!

May I respectfully add here that Diwali is not supposed to be a festival of ‘crackers’, rather it is a festival of ‘lights’.

Really, where is the confusion? Are ‘lights’ in any way synonymous with ‘crackers’?

Diwali to me is decorating the house, lighting diyas and spending quality time with family members and relatives. Why can’t people just have a good time without the crackers?

Is it that difficult? Won’t you breathe if you don’t burn the crackers?

Or should I say, you won’t let the others breathe if you burn them.

How can people be oblivious to the simple fact that they are giving slow poison to their children? Is this the future they have dreamed for them?


In recent years, children have been discouraged more and more from burning crackers, either through various campaigns in school or programs on television, but ironically it is their mostly their parents lacking the basic civic sense who think it’s fun to burn crackers and therefore buy them loads.

Ye lo beta patakhe, jitney marzi jalao aur maze karo’ – what it really means is ‘Take these crackers and go kill everyone’.

How can the children stop burning crackers until their parents stop buying them those?

Why educate the children when you have to kill their future, when you have to make the world a worse place to live in? Let’s stop educating them and get ourselves educated first! And by education I don’t mean learning ‘A B C’ or ‘1 2 3’. The real meaning of education is when you can contribute to make the world a better place to live in.

The government of Delhi should educate the parents first! One way can be, the children in schools should be taught how to educate their parents on the subject. It is high time the children become teachers and make their parents realize how they are killing their future!

Next time you want to say, ‘I want to burn crackers’, you should be saying ‘I want to kill myself and my family’.

It may not be long before ‘Happy Diwali to You!’ becomes synonymous with ‘Happy Deadly Air to You!’